Lyrical Arab Dance

Lyrical Arab Dance: the expressive roots of traditional Arabic dance

Lyrical Arab Dance has been created after many years of researches on human movement, the nature of the body, expression and energetical dimension of the musical soul in the Arab and Mediterranean world by Sabina Todaro. Essential contribution to the creation of this method was more than ten years of Hilal Dance experience. Hilal Dance has been created and developped by egyptian dancer and coreographer Suraya Hilal and Alessandro Bascioni.

Sabina is studying and experimenting though travels, readings, dancing, reflections about pedagogy and mostly by searching the neurological and anatomical human nature, looking for the authenticity and spontaneity in dance.

Beyond the western stereotype of orientalism, to approach Arabic artistic culture leeds us to understand the expressive core of Arab dance and music, which is joy of living, welfare, willing to communicate and celebrate beyond the shallowness of the momentary feelings, recognizing ourselves in hour own humanity.

Lyrical Arab Dance session is based on energetical workout especially designed to center, strengthen and lengthen the body, to find its naturale expressiveness, widening and multiplying the possibilities to communicate with ourselves, the group around us, music and space.

We can explore in this way hour expressive potential without judgement, with joyfulness.
For the Arabs dance and music are never occasions to show off how virtuoso you are. They simply speak to human essence, from heath to heart

The Middle East is a place with very rich music and dance traditions. Westerners have created a whole range of exotic fantasies related to Orientalism myth. Explore this artistic culture first-hand, with practical and realistic examples leads us to better understand the nature of the Mediterranean culture. Knowing genres, styles, eras, helpsus to go beyond the banality of commercial forms, entering the expressive heart of the Arab sensibility. Dance means joy, health, love of life and communicate. Willing to share, to celebrate, to be with each other beyond the momentary and personal situations, recognizing themselves in their humanity.

The lesson consists of energetic and physical exercises designed to reinforce, extend and center the body to make it supple and expressive, expanding and multiplying the possibilities of movement and communication with them, with the group, with the music and with space. Thus fully express their potential, without judgment, with joy.

The Arab world live dance and music in this way: they are never virtuosic moments in themselves, or self-congratulation, nor as a means of expression of their momentary reality, but they speak to the essence of man, from heart to heart .

For this reason Sabina created the portal dedicated to all aspects of music and dance in the Arab world, with downloadable items at your disposal: culture is the heritage of all!


Sabina ha iniziato a ballare prima ancora che a camminare. E forse non sa ancora camminare tanto bene neppure adesso, perché senza danza non può proprio stare. Danza come espressione e comunicazione e come maniera per esistere

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